Our Window Tints

+ Depending on your selection, our films will create a neutral and private appearance from the interior and exterior.

+ Help against invasion of privacy while still allowing you to enjoy the outdoors.

How It Works

1. Product Prep

During your in-home consultation, we take precise measurements of the windows you would like tinted. Using these accurate measurements we will precut the window film back at our shop, so that there is no mess to clean up inside your home.

The film will then be rolled up, taped, and labeled to the corresponding rooms that we will be tinting.

Next, a window will be prepared to be tinted. The window will be rigorously cleaned and squeegeed to make sure that there is nothing between the glass and the film.

2. Film Application

A trained technician will then remove the liner from the film, spray the window with water, and place the film onto the glass.

The water activates the adhesive on the back of the film and must be squeezed out from between the glass and film. We always lay down towels during this part of the process to ensure that your window sills do not get wet.

Lastly, the edges are trimmed to fit the exact dimensions of your window. Your neighbors will likely be unable to notice that there is any film on your windows.

3. Rest

During the next 30 days please do not clean your windows or touch the film, after the adhesive has set the process is complete.

You will be able to enjoy your beautiful windows and can open the blinds without glare in your eyes, or on your television.

From this point forward your air conditioning unit or heater will not have to work as hard to do its job, and you will save money on utilities.

What our customers are saying:

Solar Glass Tinting Utah came highly recommended to us by a neighbor and they did not disappoint! They were very professional and on time for both appointments to our home. When they came to install the tinting on our windows they already had the window film cut to size which made the install super fast. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to have your home windows tinted! Thanks guys!
Jared P.

A terrific job Well Done!! Can’t be More Pleased with this company!! When I spoke with the owner, Scott, he was so accommodating, and explained the degrees of the tint, and through the samples he provided, we Knew his company was the one for us! Many many thanks for a wonderful, professional job, and many thanks for the professional men Scott has working with him!!! Highly recommend Scott and his company!!

Chris & Becky McNeil

I am honestly not sure how I went this long without having my windows tinted. The glare from the sun is totally gone and it has actually enhanced color for me. The colors are more vibrant and less washed out by the sun. My AC bill will also be significantly less this summer. Couldn’t be happier, thanks Scott!!

Nick Osmond

Great job at looking for details and ensuring job was done right. My house will definitely be cooler this summer. Last year they did 3 small windows on the west side of my house and that room was at least 15 degrees cooler after they did those windows. I could not wait this year to get my 5 big windows done on the east side of my house. GREAT JOB GUYS!!! Will refer u to everyone I know! Thanks again!!

Sherry Padilla

Great experience! Can already tell a huge difference in the heat coming into our home. Makes the outside of the home look nice as well! Jon and Scott have been amazing to work with!

Erin Perry

Scott was great to work with and the work was done quick and efficiently. The difference it has made to my business is amazing. The decreased brightness from the sun and temperature control has been great. I no longer need to pull blinds at all. I wish I would have done it way earlier. Do not wait. If your thinking about window tinging, DO IT. You will not regret it and Scott will take good care of you.

Benjamin C.

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