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Why Window Tint?

Energy Savings

Approximately 30% of an average homes utility bills are wasted by heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer. Our film works by preventing heat from entering or leaving your home.


Window Tint helps reduce heat gain, hot spots, and protects against and sun damage. live comfortably in your own home.


Window tint can enhance the look and feel of your home, or business.


Window film can help prevent accidental breakage, theft (break-ins) and give you a feel for more privacy on you own home. Keeping your family secure.

Save Money On Utilities and Help The Environment

Stop throwing your money out the window. Instead, choose savings and comfort with heat control film. Windows are an important part of your home, but they often cause many problems ranging from high energy costs, annoying glare, and excessive heat buildup.

Window tinting reduces heat, glare, and UV that blinds and drapes can’t. With Solar Glass Tintings window film you can dramatically reduce the negative characteristics of having beautiful windows in your home or office. We will significantly cut the cost of your utility bills, and increase your comfort.

Protect Against Sun Damage

Blocking ultraviolet rays is an under-rated benefit to window film. Nothing tarnishes the look of your furniture, hardwood floor, or artwork faster than ultraviolet rays.

Our film blocks 99% of UV rays. Preserve the things you love, and take care of your family. Solar Glass Tinting can shield everything behind the glass from UV exposure. With 1 in 5 of Americans developing skin cancer, why take the risk?

All of our window film has been recommended by dermatologists as another skin safe preventative measure for patients with solar sensitivity, skin related diseases, and cancers of the skin. Vista/LLumar UV window film carries The Skin Cancer Seal of Recommendation. The seal is awarded to products that protect against skin cancer, such as sunscreens and some clothing. Help change the odds for your family. Make Vista/LLumar UV window film part of your sun safety program. You can never be too safe.

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